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The New Historical Character in the American Girl® Collection
By Larisa Hicken
Copyright © 2007  Garden of Imagination
   At last, the highly anticipated new historical
character doll has arrived.  Her name is
and she is 9 years old in the year 1974.  
She lives in beautiful
San Francisco, CA and her
best friend is named Ivy Ling.

book series includes six books and one
featuring Ivy Ling.  The new doll and books are
available now from
American Girl.

 This new character is the first new
historical doll to
be released in several years.  It will be interesting to
observe the reactions of
American Girl® fans to this
new character.  For one thing,
1974 was not that
long ago in history!  
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Julie Albright - The New American Girl

 Some moms may take offense when buying "historical" clothing for their daughters that is similar to
clothing that they wore when they were children.  Hopefully most moms will enjoy reliving the
memories of their youth and teaching their daughters about the tumultuous 1970s.
 In particular, the
record player accessory set could make for some fun conversations!

 It is likely that American Girl® specifically chose this time period to target the buying customers' age
group.  This is a trend often seen recently on store shelves.  It is like a nostalgic walk through my
childhood when I walk down the toy aisle with my daughter.   When I see all of my old favorites like  
Strawberry Shortcake™, Rainbow Brite™, and My Little Pony™, I am filled with such happy memories
that I want to throw everything in the cart so that my little girl can enjoy all of those same toys.  It is
definitely an effective marketing choice.

 The new Julie doll has shiny blond hair and brown eyes.  She has the same face mold as the Marisol
doll from 2005.  
Her friend Ivy Ling has the same face mold as the Jess character.  A new Asian doll
ill add great diversity to the American Girl® line of products and open a lot of possibilities for fun
wardrobe choices.

 There are two things we can be sure of.  The new historical Julie doll will create some interesting
conversation among parents and will be adored by little girls across the country.
The Julie doll retails
for $87 for the doll and paperback book.  Or, you can buy her with her friend
Ivy and their
accessories and books for $199.
The New Julie Albright Doll
Photo taken from the American Girl website.
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